Churchville Photography Club

Churchville Photography Club
2014-15 Program Announcements and News

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We decided to collect Gallery images for our new website.  I'll be sending an email shortly on the pixel size needed.  We'd like you to consider sending in five (5) start looking through your portfolio of your best shots!  We'll be getting in touch!

To see the full 2014-15 CPC Schedule, please visit this link.

We started our year with the Social held at the Free Library at Northampton Township.  We rejoined and met with our photography friends, and met a few new members.  Of course, the food was really really good!  Thanks for sharing your summer images and we will be seeing you again on the first Monday of October....(see below for our meeting place).

OUR TEMPORARY MEETING PLACE - Our beloved Churchville Nature Center is undergoing a facelift - there is construction equipment on the premises and they are busy redoing the parking lot and sidewalks.  Until things are back in order, we will be meeting at the Free Library of Northampton Township, 25 Upper Holland Road, Richboro PA.    Before you enter the main library doors, you'll turn right and enter the door to the large community room. 
Our meeting will have to start a 1/2 hr earlier - at 7PM as the library doors close at 9PM. 
Alan Micklin arranged to book the rooms through November, meeting the first and third Monday of each month...with one exception.  The room is booked for the third week in October, so we'll be meeting on WEDNESDAY, October 22nd at the library.
This is the link to the library:

See our SPOTLIGHT for June/July - Peter Funk  at the bottom of this page. There is a short bio with images! 
  • We need new volunteers for the SPOTLIGHT for this year!  See Janet Hickey to introduce yourself to our members.  Tell us how you became interested in photography...and share 20 images!

The following Officers will serve the club for 2014-15 :

Congratulations...for a second term, our President is Alan Micklin.  Long-term members continue to fill the officer positions positions: Vice President: Marty Golin: Secretary: Dianne Rose and Treasurer: Gene Flanagan. Our Website Committee includes John Stritzinger is our Web Content Manager joining Janet Hickey and Dianne Rose on the Website Committee. Scott Petersen will need a volunteer to Co-chair the Annual Contest.  Let's all chip in and give the Board a helping had by volunteering for one of our committee activities in the coming club year.

When considering refreshments, we realize that the meeting lasts about 1 hr to 1-1/2 hours.  We decided that if you have something you'd like to contribute to the table, you are welcome to bring it in.  We will supply bottled water and be healthier for it.  No more food waste!  Thank you!

Contact one of the web team using our CONTACT US link - Janet Hickey, or Dianne Rose, our Web Administrators or John,Stritzinger, Content Manager.  Provide your comments and suggestions.  Let us know if you have an idea for a photography related article or topic for the website.

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Meeting Info:
The Churchville Photography Club meetings will resume mid-September (3rd Monday). During this recess, the Planning Committee will develop programs during July and August.  Keep your eyes open for emails asking for your suggestions and opinions. 

Meetings are held every first and third Monday of each month from mid-September and through the month of June:

Doors open at 7:00 pm with the meeting starting at 7:30pm 

Meeting Place:
Churchville Nature Center
501 Churchville La.
Churchville PA 18966

Club Information Line (for weather related cancellation and trip info) 215-598-8447

Officers 2014-15
Alan Micklin, President
Marty Golin, V. President
Dianne Rose, Secretary
Gene Flanagan, Treasurer

To contact the web team or officers, please use the CONTACT US link on the website.

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2014 Jun-July - Peter Funk



Though born in Bristol, PA, Peter Funk grew up in rural Burlington County NJ where he lived among family farms and feral woods.  With a few children his age nearby, and two brothers, play time was usually outside where boys truly could be boys and imaginations could run wild.  Even at that time, with a basic children’s camera, he occasionally played at photographer before moving on to the messier pursuits of the day.  It was also in this time as part of the “Country Crew” that Pete developed a fascination with nature that would follow him everywhere.

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